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Discipline Policy



At Jimmy Carter MS we recognize that middle school is a time when students begin to acquire more responsibilities and to make increasingly important choices about their own behavior and academics. We know that students need guidance and experience to make wise choices.  Students make mistakes, and we allow for that, encouraging them to LEARN from their mistakes.


Our discipline policy works on a scale that increases consequences each time a student is sent to the office by a staff member. Consequences begin at the classroom level according to each teacher’s classroom management plan.  When a student is referred to administration, consequences include (but are not limited to) signing a behavior contract, community service, lunch detention, to in-school suspension, and, as a last resort, home suspension. A student, for minor offenses, must have received a series of progressive consequences prior to suspension pending a discipline hearing.  


Please call an administrator at any time if you have questions about your students’ disciplinary procedures. We work with teachers and parents as a team for maximum student success!