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Parent Tips For Safe Use of Technology

Dear Parent:

  • Our children are our nation’s most valuable asset.
  • They represent a bright future and our hopes for a better tomorrow.
  • Our children are also the most vulnerable members of society.
  • Protecting our children against the fear of crime and from becoming victims of crime must be our priority.
  • Unfortunately the rapid advances in "smart phone" and computer technology that allow the world to reach out to new sources of information and cultural experiences are also leaving children vulnerable to exploitation and harm by computer-sex offenders.


Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

1. Spend time having fun with your parents online and helping them understand technology!

2. Never post your personal information, such as a cell phone number, home number, home address, or your location on any social networking site or through mobile apps like Snapchat or Instagram.

3. Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” on the internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents or guardian right away. Some people may not be who they say they are.

4. Check with your parents before you post pictures of yourself or others online. Do not post inappropriate pictures of anyone.

5. Never respond to mean or rude texts, messages, and e-mails. Delete any unwanted messages. You may need to delete friends who continuously bother you or post things that are not appropriate.

6. NEVER share your password with anyone, including your best friend. The only people who should know your password are your parents or guardian.

7. If you wouldn’t say something to another person’s face, don’t text it or post it online.

8. Do not download or install software or anything on your computer or cell phone before checking with your parents or guardian.

9. Use the privacy settings of social networking sites.

10. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable online, while gaming or when using your cell phone, talk with your parents or guardian right away.

Source: Netwsmartz.org and safekids.com.

Resources for Information On Internet Safety for Kids

Resources for Information On Internet Safety for Teens



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