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Dress Code 2017-2018


Jimmy Carter Middle School students have a dress code that they must follow.  Students who come to school in violation of the dress code will receive consequences based on JCMS discipline rules and policies.  Consequences may include trash duty, lunch detention, and ultimately discipline referrals resulting in time in ISS or suspension.  The dress code is strictly in effect during the school day.



Albuquerque Public Schools shall prohibit student dress that may present a health or safety hazard, violate municipal or state law or present a potential disruption to the instructional program. Albuquerque Public Schools shall prohibit attire or accessories that advertise, display or promote any drug, including alcohol or tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect and/or show bigotry towards any group.  School administration reserves the right to interpret and enforce the general requirements outlined by APS. 





  • Any Polo style shirt
  • Any solid color tee shirt
  • Any JCMS shirt
  • Any Albuquerque Public High School shirt
  • Any college or university shirt (UNM, NMSU, CNM, etc…)
  • Shirts must have short or long sleeves; no sleeveless


  • Navy blue, khaki, black or gray  Dockers style uniform pants
  • Blue, khaki, black or gray jeans
  • Pants/jeans must not sag, be frayed, or have holes


  • Same color and fabric guidelines as pants
  • Must be knee length or longer (personnel reserves discretion)


  • Any solid color (pull-over or zip-up)
  • Large graphics, logos or sayings must follow APS guidelines
  • Shirts worn under sweatshirts/hoodies/sweaters MUST be in compliance with the dress code



  • No leggings, tights, spandex, pajama pants, sweatpants
  • No sunglasses or hats/headwear of any kind worn inside/outside
  • No baseball caps
  • No gang-related clothing or accessories
  • No tank tops, bare midriffs, or sleeveless shirts
  • No slippers or open-toed shoes (including flip-flops and all sandals)
  • No skirts



“When in doubt, leave it out.”

(In other words, if it’s not listed in the left column, don’t wear it.)


Parents:  Your enforcement of the JCMS dress code with your student(s) is critical to daily, uninterrupted academic focus. We appreciate your help.