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New Mexico state law and APS policy require all student to be up to date on specific immunizations in order to enroll or remain enrolled in an APS school. Jimmy Carter Middle School follows both the law and the policy.  All students entering 7th grade require the immunization TDap.  This is mandatory and given just prior to entering 7th grade. 

Please schedule an appointment with your child’s doctor to get all necessary immunizations prior to enrollment this fall. If your child does not have the necessary immunizations for next year he/she will not be allowed to enroll.

All immunization exemption forms must be completed yearly and submitted to the New Mexico Department of Health in Santa Fe. Upon approval, the Department of Health will mail 2 copies of the approved form to the parent/guardian.  Please bring a notarized copy to the health office prior to enrollment. 


Students who are ill should remain at home.  If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, he/she should report to the health office.  If the nurse determines that the student needs further treatment, or should be sent home, a parent or guardian will be contacted.

In order to keep students safe, special health conditions and contagious diseases should also be reported to the health office. 


PrescriptionsA prescription letter, signed by a doctor, must be presented to the school nurse before medication may be given and retained in the nurse’s office. 

All medications, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, must be brought to the school nurse's office.  

Parents must sign a form for over-the-counter medications or provide a healthcare provider's order for a prescription.

At the end of the school year, all medications need to be picked up by the parent or they will be destroyed and discarded following APS policy. 

THE HEALTH ROOM does NOT carry Tylenol, or ibuprofen for student use.   Please call the health office if you need more information or have any questions about these



forms iconBelow are the various forms we use for students with specific health needs at school. You can download these forms and take them to your doctor to be completed. They can be faxed back to the health office at 505-243-0416.  In addition to the Physician forms, there are also forms for parents to use if they would like to keep non-prescription medications for students use while at school. Also please fill out a student allergy form if your student has a life-threatening allergy that requires he/she to receive additional treatment at school. 


Student feeling sick

Send me to school if...

  • I have a runny nose or just a little cough but no other symptoms
  • I haven't taken any fever-reducing medication for 24 hours and haven't had a fever during that time
  • I haven't thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours. 
  • I have only mild ear pain

Keep me at home if...

  • I have a serious cough especially with breathing problems
  • I have a temperature higher then 100.4 F-your child can return to school when he or she is well enough to take part in school and has had no fever(100.4 F or greater) for 24 hours without medication (acetaminophen, Tylenol, etc)
  • I am throwing up or have diarrhea
  • My eyes are pink and crusty
  • If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, he/she should get pass from their teacher or staff on duty and go to the Health Room. 

If the nurse determines that the student needs further treatment or should be sent home, their parent/guardian will be contacted.


If your child is ill or injured it is essential the nurse's office be able to get in touch with a parent, guardian, or other emergency contact.

If your phone number changes, please make sure the school nurse's office is informed of the correct contact numbers.

Remember, if we can't contact you, we need to be able to contact someone.  Please keep phone numbers up to date.

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